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Blue Bar 1 arose from our experience with local suppliers and products, and the desire to work even more sustainably. This foodbar was inspired by Blue Economy. This is about responsible use of the sea, and certainly not just about fish! We (still!))love to work with shellfish, as well as sea vegetables and seaweed for our vegan dishes. Everything as much as possible from Dutch waters or responsibly grown on Dutch soil. There is so much beauty in local products and ingredients! We have recently decided to continue our mission on one location, wich is our ‘mothership’ restaurant GOESTING. This means that  Blue Bar is now closed. The good news is that Sanju Ramen will open on our location soon!

We, team Blue Bar1, look forward to seeing you at Goesting! Open 7 days a week, from noon till….

See you soon!

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"Come in and discover Brave Dutch Food & Drinks"

Brave Dutch Food & Drinks

Our suppliers (such as Seafarm, Tomasu, Wild-Catch, Dutch Seaweed Group and Yellowtail Kingfish) are all pioneers in seaweed farming, fishing, aquaculture and blue farming. We passionately share their mission to have a positive impact on the food industry and strive towards a more planet-proof way of eating: both tasty ànd healthy. At Blue Bar1 we served vegan burgers, seawharma, crayfish croquettes, oyster vodka and fresh seafood. At Goesting we also serve many of the above.

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Comfort food

Our foodbar is no longer open. Our restaurant & bar Goesting is! Soon  Sanju Ramen will open on this location. Team Blue Bar is happy to see you at Goesting, where we passionately continue on our mission! Goesting is open every day, from noon. till late. Enjoy our all year terrace, with (sustainably) heated pads & blankets. See you soon!

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Donkere Gaard 2
3511 KW Utrecht

Opening hours

Hi! Blue Bar1 is closed. We thank you sincerely for the great buzz! We are nót gone, but will concentrate our activities in one location from now on. Soon SANJU RAMEN will open at this location. Say tuned..
You can fortunately still enjoy everything Blue Bar stands for, at our beautiful location and our 'mothership' GOESTING.
We are very happy to see you there! Enjoy our fresh oysters, wines & cocktails, our homemade food and the great service of Team Goesting & Blue Bar1. Open every day from noon, as is our all season terrace with (sustainably) heated pads and blankets. See you soon!